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About Fugazi

​“You guys were a SMASH and the show was a great success!”

Jerry Mitchell

Tony Award winning choreographer (Kinky Boots; Legally Blond: The Musical; Hairspray: The Musical) and Choreographer & Director of Peepshow, Las Vegas


"There's nothing like this out there! It's phenomenal acting with superhuman skills and the sexy finesse of a tango!"

Andrew Pacho

Co-founder AntiGravity Gymnastics-Dance Company 

"A scorching hot act, worthy of the immortal Screamin' Jay Hawkins. A grand bravo!”

Christian Hamel

“They should hook up a dynamo to this duo and power the city as a form of alternative energy!"

Director of FlambeauxFire


“The Fugazi Act is sheer perfection, inviting the audience to witness an unfolding sensual relationship erupting into a power duel, guided strength, wild flexibility, all wrapped in a film-noir package of romance and story. Stephan Choiniere has choreographed a one of a kind variety act, a memorable gift to the world of Cirque.”

Stefan Haves

Comic Act Designer & Casting Partner for Cirque Du Soleil & Teatro Zinzanni; Director, Cirque-A-Palooza,


“On fire! You are huge! You are legend!”

Audience member reaction to seeing Fugazi in the show, CabaRAE


“I have rarely been so moved, inspired and hooked by a performance as this one before! Amazing! Sexy, yet never vulgar, entertaining and totally engaging! You made my year! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!”

Clifford Lilley 

Image & Style Consultant 

Host, The Dolder Grand - Zürich, Switzerland

“We booked Fugazi as the headliner for a first class New Year's Eve Event at the legendary Dolder Grand (Zurich, Switzerland). The show was a real highlight and the guests were thrilled! The efforts of Stephan and his team to create a unique show according to the theme have been greatly appreciated.”

Christian Studer

Founding Partner

Bright Entertainment AG

“I love it Stephan!”
Debra Brown

Cirque du Soleil founding choreographer


“In a variety festival that features over 150 acts each year and has presented artists for 13 years it is always a thrill to witness an act that brings the house down. The response to the technical difficulty of Fugazi’s routine and the beautiful choreography was immediate and quite overwhelming. Fugazi was a crowd favorite at the Moisture Festival shows – in the burlesque shows and the variety shows as well. They were chosen to be the closing act at the very popular 3rd annual collaboration with Teatro ZinZanni. In every instance, their fluid strength and dramatic sensual presentation thrilled the audience the moment they stepped on stage.”

Ron W. Bailey

Artistic Director, Moisture Festival - Comedy/Varietè, Seattle


“FUGAZI FENOMINAL! This unique Gangster, Mafioso act brought a new vibrancy and dimension to our already critically acclaimed show, which was reflected in the amount of standing ovations they received. They became a firm favorite with both the audience and back stage.”

Alan Goldberg & Wanda Azzario-Goldberg 

Creative Producer & Artistic Director, CABARAE variety show at Hilton Hawaiian Village, Waikiki,


“Best act I have ever seen like that!”
Nathalie Gaulthier

Founder/Director - Le Petit Cirque,

“Love, love, love as per usual, creative genius!”
Jasmine Straga

Circus Director & International Event Producer, Gala Entertainment Management,


“Wow! Powerful! Extraordinary! Phenomenal! A real privilege to be allowed to see! Absolutely ground-breaking!”

Dr. Jim Pickles

Hearing physiologist; Performing artist and contortion enthusiast

"I was a smile merchant in the Circus for thirty two years.  I've  seen & enjoyed statue acts throughout my time with R.B.B.C. & Circus Circus. Stephan Choiniere & his partner were the most enjoyable act I've ever seen. The acting, fun & playfulness added a dimension I have never seen before. They delighted my sixteen year old daughter & me.”

Scott Linker

Circus Clown & Musician

Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey

Circus Circus, Las Vegas

“People were in shock! And your act was nothing short of epic!”

Jennifer Romas

JRR Enterprises LV, Entertainment Unlimited

Las Vegas, Nevada

"You two really were the highlight of the night. You both understand what performing is about!!! Thank you for being so fierce! You and Lina stand out as stars and basically made the show!!

Katherine Crockett

Director, ExquisiteMuse Productions

New York City

“It's been a long time since I’ve seen an act with choreography so precise, so surprising.” 

Günter L. Pick

Choreographer and performing artist


“Spellbound [Fugazi], was a real show-stopper! The number was a mind-bending, body-bending feat of physical endurance. The way those two wrapped themselves around each other and used each other as gym equipment made the law of gravity seem like it was made to be broken.”

Matthew Rettenmund

Maverick author of pop-culture non-fiction books and founding blogger at 


“The blend between tricks, story telling and movement is great. Thank you”

Mukhtar Omar Sharif Mukhtar

Artistic Director for Cirque du Soleil, Special Events (45 Degrees) & Messi 10


“You just keep getting better!”

Christopher Harrison

Founder and director, AntiGravity international entertainment and fitness brand


“Terrific Act, Stephan! Xx”

Amy G

International and revolutionary cabaret comedian,


“That act is the freakin' bomb! You both are absolutely phenomenal! It's electrifying, sexy, and hot as hell!”

P Loiselle Rosie, RN

"...a highlight of the show was when the action shifted to the ground, with the duo of Stephan Choiniere and Tsvetelina Tabakova playing out a fiery lovers’ quarrel dance routine that had the audience hanging on their every move.”

The West Australian, review for Perth Fringe World Festival


“Body2Body was one of the most outstanding acts ever created at Cirque. Thank you for your creative genius & generosity!”

Anne-Marie Duchene

Casting & Talent Scout for Cirque du Soleil


​“Stephan Choiniere’s act in ‘Zumanity’ at New York New York Hotel in Las Vegas is called ‘Body2Body,’ a clever appellation for the sinuous and seamless lines produced by the duet’s intertwined bodies. It’s a brilliant act that requires not only physical strength and extreme flexibility, but also an artist’s sense of form and line. Stephan has mastered that list and, as someone proficient in gymnastics, dance, music and painting, one thing is certain: he has earned the title ‘Artist,’ and that’s with a capital A.”

Dancer Magazine
Lisa M. Browder
In a spotlight on dancer/choreographers to watch


“The Body2Body act, in which acrobatic contortionists Sara Joel and Stephan Choiniere create a number of Kama Sutra-like poses, is one of the best numbers in the show and comes closest to achieving what the production set out to achieve.”

​The Las Vegas Sun (2004), -Jerry Fink

“…One of the erotic highlights of the production.”

The Las Vegas Sun (2005), in a profile on Stephan Choiniere,  Jerry Fink describes Body2body

“Sarah Joel and Stephan Choiniere’s incredible Body2Body Duet from Zumanity is hugely creative and virtuosic. This act goes beyond creativity to innovation – that is, making something that truly hasn’t been seen before. These two fabulous artists spawned a whole new genre, taking traditional hand-to-hand and making it body-to-body.”   

Heather Hammond

Chief Entertainment Officer, Heliummm Aerial Dance & Entertainment


“I saw your act in Zumanity and loved really was the best performance in the show. I would shout it to the rooftops if I could get up on a roof.”
Ted Lorenz Productions

“I love this soooooooo much! So powerfully erotic and sensual, without the cheap thrills. Great job Stephan! You are an expression genius!”

Wen Rock [Wendy Lam], Founding member, The Furies L.A., Los Angeles

"I was just re-watching your incredible video the other day, and just wanted to say thank you. There are so many artists trying to copy your style, but I don't think the circus world would be where it is today without your influence. You gave us a great gift!"

Alixa Sutton

Performing artist, flexibility expert & Contortion choreographer for Cirque du Soleil


“You have created a unique and new genre of dance, acrobatic and movement art with Body2Body! Here is the model for how a performance genre bursts into the realm of artistic accomplishment... To be set in history. Brilliance in the acrobatic world does not get its fair share of fame. Your name should be up there with the very best of them. You have blazed a bright path for every performer and movement artist to aspire towards. Thank you for sharing your great talent with the world!”

Chris Mayhew



When I first saw this performed in Las Vegas in 2005 it crystallized for me how an acrobatic fusion of dance and drama can give birth to a new genre of performing Arts...In thirty plus years of succumbing to the artistic addiction of creation this would have to count among one of the very few performances across the spectrum of performing arts (dance/drama/circus etc) that has spoken honestly and without any pretensions as to what they are doing....If you are a dancer, performer, acro yogi, circus or pole performer you need to watch this and understand how acrobatics is fundamental as an art form in itself so you can build foundations on it. Body2Body by Stephan Choiniere, Brilliant!

Chris Mayhew


“It's beautiful choreography Stephan, very inventive, fluid and graceful. Bravo.”

Christian White

painter & instructor

About Stephan

“Stéphan is one of the best in the industry. That is not an overstatement.”

Top qualities: Great Results. Expert. Creative.

Alexander Schlempp
Managing Director at AntiGravity 
international entertainment and fitness brand,

"You expressed something so said with your body what none of us is able to say with words...

You revealed something inside of me I didn't know existed."

Mariel Hemmingway
Author, actress, yoga instructor, healthy living counselor


“It is a challenge not sounding like a ‘Wow-machine!’ Very few words can express how beautiful your human adagio creations are that touch the soul! Thank you for sharing these treasures.”

Cherie Carter Scott

#1 New York Times Best Selling author, and Master Certified Executive and life coach, often referred to as ”The Mother of Coaching” due to her pioneer work in the coaching industry.


“Hey Stephan, I have to tell ya - I’ve been doing this for a long while now, and over the last 2 days you threw down the most emotive, disturbing, unique, twisted, and believable motion I’ve ever witnessed. It means so much to me. Thank you forever. Kodak Cornelius is celebrating tonight man!!!”

Cory Davis

Acclaimed video game creator & Co-Founder of EYES OUT

“You do NOT get any better than Stephan Choiniere! We feel as though we have won the lottery with him joining our team. We look forward to developing many years of new productions with Stephan.” 

Nathalie Yves Gaulthier
Founder & Director, Le Studio aerial arts training program


“Just wanted to let you know what an absolute pleasure it is to play with you. You are supremely talented, skilled, and generous. Thank you for honing your gifts and sharing them with all of us! I watch you play and you have so clearly stripped away many of the very human obstacles some artists build up in themselves that inhibit their freedom. That's hard yet golden work, both as artist and human.”

Bianca Sapetto

Director, Choreographer, Performing Artist (Cirque du Soleil) & Aerialist; Co-Artistic Director at Sprung Creations


"Kudos to Stephan Choiniere. His life and work continues to remind us that all relationships involve beautiful complexity and delicate balance. No one does it better than Stephan. His artistry inspires us all."

Dr. Dave White

Executive Coach

"When I think of who to have in a project, Stephan Choiniere consistently tops the list.  He's a true artist and his passion, creativity and precision are at the top of the field. Stephan’s exploration of the mini Cyr wheel on Sprung's ‘Noir Project’ was nothing short of spectacular. From my experience, he approaches everything he does with 100% commitment matched only by his extra-ordinary skill. Name the place and the time and I'll work with Stephan.”

Daniel Passer

Lead Clown and Comedy Conceptor with Cirque du Soleil & Dragone Entertainment; Co-Artistic Director at Sprung Creations


“The source. 

You deserve a lot of credit for being a pioneer. Same as me in the jet-ski world. You set the bar and are still pushing it higher... If there was a hall of fame you would be my first pick.”

Eric Petersen

CEO & Founder at Estunts Entertainment

“Stephan is an incredible artist that I enjoyed working and performing with for many years. His work ethic and artistry are at the top of his industry. I would highly recommend him for any performance/coaching situation that he pursues.” 

Larry Aberman
Drummer, Cirque du Soleil, Zumanity

"I’ve had the pleasure to work with Stephan for many years at Cirque du Soleil. Creativity, courage, and passion are just a few adjectives to describe Choiniere’s work ethics. He’s always looking for perfection, innovating and reinventing in what he does. As a coworker he’s unconditional, becoming that friend that everyone wants to have."

Antonio Drija

Performing Artist, Cirque du Soleil

“I was so happy to see and experience your bright presence and courage, that moves me beyond words. I admire you and hold you in the highest regard as a pioneering artist who pushes the boundaries in every area of your life. I have huge respect for you and your growth.”

Meg Barbour

Founder & Director, the Barbour Shop, Digital Marketing Agency

“As a choreographer for acrobatic arts, my encounter with Stephan has been more than fruitful; not only did he show incredible talent, but his creative input and feedback is constructive, precise, and helpful to the show as a whole. Stephan has great expertise, experience and talent that I would recommend to any creator of live entertainment.”

Alain Gauthier

Creative Director/Choreographer

Cavalia, Cirque du Soleil, Mirage Entertainment

“I can whole-heartedly recommend Stephan as one of the most professional, creative and artistic performers I have ever had the pleasure to work with...” 

Scott Sloan
Technical Director - Head Rigger
Dragone, Cavalia & AntiGravity

“Stephan's mission in life touch every thing he do, his work as a teacher, coach and creator in Mexico have been always impressive for everyone, giving a very consistent time full in his experience, love, respect, inventive, and very special interdisciplinary talent. With him we will not only create a show after every workshop; we will share an elixir of the most pure expression of life. Collective Circo Sentido - laboratory of scenic arts and circus will always have the pleasure to recommend Stephan Choiniere.” 

Top qualities: Expert , High Integrity , Creative

Karen Bernal
Performing artist with Cirque du Soleil & Compagnia Finzi Pasca; Artistic Director Ilaii (Mexico)

“I have been working with Stephan for five years on a coffee table book titled "Luminosa". This photographic journey with Stephan and his partners has been a magical one, transcending my spirit to the highest levels imaginable. Stephan's artistry, commitment, passion, and tenacity for creating a photo that only he is capable of doing is commendable. It has been a stellar experience and I look forward to completing the book by next year.”

Parish Kohanim


Charter member of Canon's prestigious, ''Explorer's of Light”

"I can speak of my own experience and vast knowledge of the dance world that Stephan is a great, imaginative, perseverant and hardworking performer. This is also the reason why I have invited him to come to Buenos Aires to work together and teach certain creative aspects and innovative skills. La Companya Dance Ensemble is extremely interested in having Stephan once again teaching his wonderful art."

Mariela Virna Morassut
Artistic director/choreographer
La Companya Dance Ensemble, Buenos Aires, Argentina

“In my time as both a performer and director I have been blessed to have met thousands upon thousands of performers, but it is so rare that you come across a performer, that not only stuns you with their amazing acrobatic feats, technique or creativity, but meeting a true all around professional, that not only excels at everything he does, but is also humble, kind, a great team player and spiritual. He is on my dream team of creative A-grade performance art professionals.”

Jasmine Straga 

Circus Director & International Event Producer, Gala Entertainment Management

“Stephan Choiniere made a lovely routine for me when I was 15. It was wonderful to work with Stephan, he pays great attention to detail! Thank you again Stephan for your time, patience and talent!I”

Jordan McKnight

World-renowned contortionist

“A uniquely talented artist, Stephan Choiniere, is a true avant-garde in duo-balancing art. I have always been an admirer of his peerless work and it was a great honor to meet him in person. Thank you for your unparalleled contribution to the physical performing arts.”

Hossein Baghalan Aval

Hand to hand performer at Circus Circus Las Vegas Hotel-Casino & Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Studied at National Institute of Circus Arts

“Stephan Choiniere's commitment to life, love and heart is directly translated in his art.  As he moves I feel his joy and sadness completely as my own...and my heart melts at the tender beauty of it all.  This beauty comes so close to absolute I can only shake my head in wonder at what an extraordinary communicator this performer is.  When someone gives his heart as completely as Stephan, our only choice is to offer our hearts in return.  Without reservation, I offer mine.”

Mary Bradtke
Artist, Intuitive/tarot reader, angel/guide portraits

"One of the most Brilliant Artists on the Planet, you inspire me with your courage, commitment and vulnerability to transcend boundaries and pioneer new visionary works of art."

Meg Barbour

Director, entrepreneur, writer, speaker


“Stephan Choiniere is a genius.”

Forrest Mallard

Broadway Publicist, International Event Producer, Entertainment Program Director, Global Village Dubai


“Amazingly, nothing touches your work Stephan.”

Suzi Winson

Director of Circus Warehouse, NYC

“I highly recommend Stephan as a performing artist and as a colleague. He continues to explore and grow as an artist.” 

Michael Bongar
Owner, BongarBiz entertainment and event programming

“The world of show-business is better thanks to you and your innovations.”

Olivier J. Renaud
Acrobat, Cirque du Soleil


“An amazing partner, Stephan was such a gentle, patient leader and guide who led me to do moves I've never done and we totally rocked it with very little time to practice (you're a true professional!)”

Christina Lynn Conger

Performing artist, Pilobolus, NECCA, Moth Circus


“The incredible MOTH journey continues! I spent a few challenging and inspiring hours last week learning from world class performance artist and amazing person Stephan Choiniere. He is insanely badass.”

Kori Wilford

Professional Track student at MOTH Contemporary Circus Center


“One the biggest opportunities/blessings I had was to work with Stephan Choiniere who has my upmost respect and learned so much from this unique individual. Truly one of the greatest and most respectable artist out there.”

Eliot Delgado

Skating Artist, San Francisco, CA

“I thought the workshop was a great challenge and also fun. It really pushed me creatively, which is the best challenge of all. You have a wonderful way of teaching and working with people. It was a great time of self exploration.”

Christie Zummo
Dancer and apprentice with Jennifer Muller / The Works, New York City

“I want to thank you for the amazing movement lab. It was an experience I can only hope to relive. I grew a lot from your classes not only physically, but mentally and spiritually. Your approach to energy fields is the only one I've encountered that has actually enabled me to feel them.  So again thank you, and I hope you know that you have inspired me greatly.”

Rory Fewer
Dancer, San Francisco

“You rescued me with your magic in the worst time of my life.”

Mauricio Bernard
Actor & performing artist, Mexico City

“Thanks again for the great inspiration and kick start to further my healing process!”

Jesse Garcia
Champion bodybuilder & former dancer, San Francisco

“I feel proud to have been your pupil, besides what we've learned about Body2Body, we've learned from your richness as a human being. Giving your knowledge, with no egoism, and with all the love you share with us.”

Rosana Rosano
Actor & performing artist, Mexico City

“Thank you so much for teaching your class, it really helped me a lot professionally and personally. In my circus career, I feel like I've reached a plateau and I'm unsure of how to get to the next level. Your classes really helped to get me to think about this problem in new ways and inspire me to really work hard to get what I want. Your method of creation by improv or "playing circus" as I call it, really struck home with me. So thank you, and I'd love to work with you again!”

Brennan Figari
Aerial Artist, San Francisco, CA


"I have followed his work for many years, attending his performances. I am in awe of Stephan Choiniere’s creative abilities, and seeing him perform transports me to another world of feeling and beauty, a world of love in expression and action. What he has accomplished with his passion and love through movement speaks to each of us on a deeper level to awaken faith in ourselves. I see in Stephan a Soul with a great vision to uplift people, allowing them to believe in a passion for everything beautiful. That is spiritual grandeur, and the mark of a great artist and teacher."

Michelle Josselyn

Mother, musician and teacher


“The workshop was very helpful to me! Thank you for such a wonderful experience. It gave me new perspectives and terminology for looking at partner work that will help a great deal. The most definitive moment was my partnering improv with Stephan. I felt like I was able to drop my preconceived notions and freely move. I trusted his body awareness, strength and techniques to let go and play. I will definitely recommend this workshop to other colleagues and friends.”

Cosmo Dudley

Teacher and Company Member at MOTH Contemporary Circus Center


“Stephan was a walk-on gymnast to my team who worked his way to a high level of competency and who earned a scholarship for his latter two years due to his contributions to my team.”

Fred Truoff

USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame Inductee

World Acrobatics Society Hall of Fame Inductee

Men’s Gymnastic Coach at Temple University


Spinning Ring


“I love this, man. You have upgraded this mini wheel performance so much. I love the flow and how easy and light you make the wheel look. And this version is so funky and groovy. Dope.” 

Mukhtar Omar Sharif Mukhtar

Artistic Director - Cirque du Soleil 

“You are insanely great, I love every second of your act and how you led into that story. Thank you!” 

Alina Syunkova

Aerial Acrobat, Las Vegas

“Wow wow wow. You are amazing. Virtuosic and so beautifully musical. Congrats.”  

Larry Kegwin

Award-winning American dancer-choreographer and the artistic director of KEIGWIN + COMPANY.

“I love everything you do and how you think. You are amazing! You are fire!”

Jonathan Pennington

Director of Bohemia, Las Vegas

“Holy Shit Steph!!!! You’re such a BADASS!!! Love love love it!! That stunt at the very end with you riding that thing is out of this world!” 

Lisa Rainbows

massage & health practitioner

Rainbow's Rockstar Rejuvenation Station

“Bravo!!! That was amazing! The choreography was spot on…captivating, nostalgic, fun and the end was 🔥!!!” 

Teri Lundquist Moore

former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

“LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Such smooth natural yet impressive moves and it really seems that the ring is part of you.”

Karen Harris, RN

“Absolutely amazing!! it’s very Gene Kelly-esque.” 

Mireille Yanow

book publisher

“Joyous! Thank you for sharing! I love it - ditto above - you are so talented, Stephan! I'm always excited to see what you're doing. I'm inspired. Your choreographic flair -gymnastics  reminds me -of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly.” 

Barbara Ezelle

film director

“This is like the future! AWESOME WORK!!!!”

Joan Estevial

Cyr Wheel enthusiast


“Wow, a lot of research in there! Really cool.”

Valerie Inertie

World’s first and foremost female Cyr Wheel artist,


“Yeeeah go on mate - innovator!”


Artist of the Whimsical, Disney Imagineer & Cirque du Soleil performing artist,


“Fantastic work.”

Cal McCrystal

Cirque du Soleil clown director


“Bravo Stéphane! Nice work.”

Catherine Archambault

Cirque du Soleil choreographer


“Bravo!!!! <3 !!!”

Javier Moreno

Co-founder of Festival Siguientescena, (International Festival of Alternative Performing Arts)


“Dude, this is futching DOPE homey! Great job!”

Matthew Guerrero

Hip hop choreographer, Cirque du Soleil performing artist & dance captain.


“Brilliant work as always Stephan.”

Steve Krenz

Gibson Learn and Master Guitar course creator and master instructor


“You are such a beautiful creature.”

Eros Biox

Master stilt-walker, character player and Cirque du Soleil performing artist


“I always enjoy the work of a perfectionist.”

Jeremiah Hughes

Dancer and featured artist for Cirque du Soleil (Viva Elvis & Toruk), and Le Reve, Las Vegas


“Amazing research!!!! Super impressed.”

Richard Maguire

Performing artist for Dragone & Cirque Eloise


“Wow! I enjoyed that tremendously. Thank You! That was just over the top sweet. Seriously can't say enough about it.”

Sam Tribble

Cyr wheel performer/instructor & Founder of Spinnovation,


“I really like this one, Stephan, reminds me of Jean Babilee and Michael Moschen at the same time; can't do better than that!”

Christian White

Fine-art painter & instructor,


“Yeousa! Dang! You're talented!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful work!”

Sylvia Rico

Dancer/Physical Therapist


“Hey guys you gotta check this guy out! He took one of my songs from Manhattan Blues Project...222 W. 23rd St...and did this unbelievable choreography to it. It's amazing! I've never had anyone do anything like this so I was both honored and humbled by it. He is a dancer/acrobat/performer with Cirque du Soleil. If you get a moment, check it out and let me know what you think. Blessings!"

Steve Hunter

World renowned solo guitarist for Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel and more,


“I would not have expected anything else, Magical.”

Eric Ernst

Retired roadie



Jeffrey Tan

Dancer & Choreographer, Singapore


“Very innovative Stephan!”

Jonas Woolverton

Pioneering Cyr wheel artist for Cirque Eloise & Cirque du Soleil


“Stephan my friend, you're so amazing with all the discoveries. The flow is working based on the different levels you are moving in. Continue the great job. Thumbs up x10”

J M St Louis

Performing artist, and VP of operations at Flying Arrow Productions


“I love this!! I noticed you had some BBoy flavor in there. I dig it! It’s so unique looking. You make me want one of those wheels!!”

Elijah Morrison

Cyr wheel enthusiast


“Wow this is inspiring!”

Lücks Pilz

Cyr wheel enthusiast


“Wow, I was watching this and was just awestruck. And you make it look so easy.”

Tim Perlewitz

Cyr wheel enthusiast


“Great job, great vocabulary!”

Eric Saintonge

Cyr wheel enthusiast


“Well that was way cool.”

Jerry Dunaway


The Story Box

"It’s as if Edward Scissorhands’ quirky artistic son had traded in his scissors for a beam of light."

Philips Lighting


"A powerful, deeply inventive artist, and I liked tumbling about with his character."



Card Readings

The readings focus on the present circumstances of our internal psycho-spiritual being. It is not a “psychic” reading to foretell the future. Instead, the session sheds light on the behaviors and feelings that have been, and are, working into our life conditions. The readings provide the information needed to enhance sensitivity toward our distinct, and evolving energetic composition. From this position of greater self-awareness often comes expanded compassion for self and others. Consequently, we can create more favorable conditions responsibly. 

                                               *  *  *


"It gives me great pleasure to recommend Stephan Choiniere as a loving and compassionate guide to clearer spiritual insight. His Tarot card readings are the best I have ever received. Stephan’s remarkable intuitive ability to see the connection of the cards to my personal circumstances, illuminated novel tools for my practical and immediate spiritual growth. 

Under his loving guidance I have made wonderful progress and now enjoy a measure of calm and physical well being that I heretofore never dreamed possible.”

William Hicks

Voice Coach - Pianist - Conductor

New York, NY

“I can’t speak highly enough about Stephan Choinière’s card reading skills. His uncanny ability to interpret and think metaphorically is truly amazing. In addressing the psychosomatic aspects of health, sometimes we need a little prodding such as an image to indirectly trigger a memory which Stephan then ‘translates.’ His professionalism and ability to listen, positively changed my life.”

Janine K.

New Glarus, WI

“Stephan is a really gifted reader who facilitates life-changing understanding by focusing on the deep spiritual issues at hand.”

Grace T.

Santa Monica, CA

“Your reading is the very best one that I have ever received. I wish you would advertise & sell your readings in honor of sharing your gift with everyone!”

Debbie Wright

Las Vegas, NV

“You my friend are next level talented. Your ability to decode this and communicate it so clearly blows my mind. Truly incredible. I can tell this is your passion. Thank you for going above and beyond!!” 

Ashley Farland

Founder, DandyLion, Burlington, VT


“Thank you. You don’t even know how badly I needed this right now. Really been drawing a lot of comfort from your reading thank you so much again, can't believe how spot on it is!” 

Alison Caswell

Sculptor, Portland, OR

“Stephan's ability to clearly intuit a message from the cards is astonishing. This gift is heaven on earth. His delivery is beautiful, enlightening and one of love. The fastest way for me to become 'unstuck' and feel the love of my universe. Thank you Stephan, once again I am on my way with purpose and renewed inspiration. You and the cards are always so on point! Amazing!” 

Bianca Paris

Las Vegas, Nevada


“When I called you I'd just received new information that had sent me spinning off my previous axis. I'd been feeling how this changed EVERYTHING I believed, and trying to figure out what to do. It appeared I'd encountered the one situation where working on myself was not the answer. But the reading very clearly told me it WAS, not only still ALL about working on me, but that it’s time for me to upgrade how I do it and go to much deeper places. As every card was so perfectly chosen for me, your reading pulled the clues the Universe had given me into a cohesive picture. It is still mulling around in my mind revealing deeper and deeper insights as the days pass and my situation evolves. Thank you so much! Your readings are gentle and powerfully insightful.”

Aimee Rouseau

Theta Healer, Artist, Writer and Teacher

“Stephan has truly helped me understand a lot about my life, and about me. I was hoping for some clarity, and I got so much more. His sincerity and genuine compassion really shows. He helped me to see past experiences and patterns I didn’t even remember....and the most amazing part was how comfortable and very special I felt when I worked with him.

I know for sure that I could not have gotten through this transition in life without his insight, Stephan really was able to tap into my experience and what I was trying to figure out.

You really are in amazing and gifted hands when you work with him.”

Angela Latiolait


Los Angeles, CA

“You have been given a gift of healing that I am thankful you share. Your readings give insight to what I need spiritually, mentally, & physically. You take the time to listen, help understand, filter through, and illuminate the unconscious patterns that have been running my show. Thank you.”

Pason Trollinger

Actress, Los Angeles, CA

“You are SO perceptive. I'd pay money to you any day instead of Tony Robbins and his ilk. Why not go on the road and get published, make videos? The world desperately needs you.”

William Hicks

Voice Coach - Pianist - Conductor

New York, NY

“It really got to me! Eerily accurate.”

Ginger Espinoza

Social Media Designer, Monterey, CA

“OMG. It was AMAZING!!!” 


Los Angeles, CA

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